Runway 7L-25R Safety Area Improvements and Pavement Rehabilitation

Project Runway 7L-25R Safety Area Improvements and Pavement Rehabilitation
Agency Los Angeles World Airports
Time Period 2016-2017
Construction Cost $111 Million

Project Desctiption

The primary project objective is to satisfy congressional mandate that requires all commercial runways’ runway safety areas (RSAs) to be in compliance with FAA Airport Design Standards which consist of extending the runway 832 feet, Provide Runway 7R/25R RSA Slope Enhancements which will allow area to function as a fully compliant 1000 feet RSA for aircraft departing to the West, Pavement Repairs to Taxiway B and Runway 25R/7L’s East End and Runway 25R Keel Section. Construction entails of 832’ x 150’ PCC Runway Pavement Extension, New Asphalt Blast Pad west of Runway 7L Extension, Extension of Parallel Taxiway H, Construction of a New Taxiway Connector (B17), Installation of New Storm Drain System including Storm Water Infiltration System, Grading, Excavation & Removal of Spoil Material Off-Site, Construction of New Vehicle Service Road beyond the proposed runway extension, Modify the existing runway and taxiway lighting and marking, Install new MALSR, and Installation of FAA Shelter Foundations.

Our Role

Comprehensive quality control services including development of the Quality Control Plan, inspection and testing of all civil, PCC / HMA paving and electrical construction activities and field, plant and laboratory testing of all materials. An inspection and testing crew of over 15 professionals and an onsite laboratory serves both day and night shift operations.