About Us

Established in 2006, Sequoia Consultants are an industry leader in construction quality assurance and quality control services. The services are offered across the State of California through its offices in Orange, Ontario, Inglewood, and San Diego. Sequoia Consultants is an industry leader in construction quality solutions to the transportation sector. We partner with our clients to deliver projects with utmost quality and integrity. Our strong work ethic in conjunction with relentless determination to serve and guide our clients form the foundation for our approach to every project we undertake. Sequoia is signatory to Operating Engineers, Local 12.

What We Do

While a heavy concentration is placed on the services to the transportation sector, Sequoia provides comprehensive quality assurance and quality control solutions to the entire construction industry through professional and technical services in materials engineering, construction inspection, and materials testing.

Sequoia’s professional and technical team includes licensed civil and geotechnical engineers, quality managers, and certified materials testers and inspectors, all of whom have demonstrated experience in the respective disciplines.

Our Process

Sequoia specializes in construction materials testing and construction inspection of soils and earthwork, HMA/PCC paving, reinforced/precast/prestressed concrete, structural steel welding/fabrication/non-destructive testing, and special inspections in all categories. Sequoia’s full-service laboratory facilities are certified and/or accredited by Caltrans, AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL), Cement Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL), Army Corps of Engineers, City of Los Angeles, and ISO 17025 Standard.

Why Choose Us

Over the years, Sequoia has earned a reputation for professional excellence, demonstrated competence, and a high level of expertise and commitment in the services provided. By concentrating primarily in the transportation sector, Sequoia has been able to channel its strength and dedication to deliver high quality materials testing and inspection services to its clients with a well-focused approach. Sequoia’s strong work ethic, combined with relentless determination to serve the clientele at the highest possible level, form the foundation for its approach to every assignment undertaken.

Sequoia offers unparalleled depth and experience in the Alternate Delivery Method projects including P3, Design-Build, Progressive Design-Build, CMGC and CMAR. This is highlighted by the fact that the firm’s Alternate Delivery Method project portfolio to date includes over 13 projects, exceeding $13 Billion in value.

Accreditations and Certifications

Sequoia’s standards are maintained through the process of being accredited and certified by national, state and regional agencies and by participating in the corresponding reference sample programs. Sequoia is accredited and/or certified as an independent materials testing laboratory by the following agencies and standards: