Sequoia Consultants provide comprehensive professional and technical service solutions to achieve compliance with quality requirements set forth by the Contract Documents. Our service solutions for the construction industry are designed to meet the requirements for quality through materials engineering, inspection of construction activities, and sampling and testing of materials. We represent our clients in both quality control and quality assurance capacities based on project requirements.

Sequoia Consultants provide both field and laboratory materials testing service solutions to the construction industry. The process starts with our field materials testers conducting sampling and testing of materials in the field and continuing on to testing the materials in the laboratory by the laboratory materials testers to assure compliance with the project requirements.

Sequoia maintains full-service laboratory facilities at all of its offices throughout California. The laboratory facilities are well equipped with the latest testing equipment and accessories. We have in-house capabilities to test all materials encountered in roadway and structure construction.

We maintain several mobile laboratories that are fully equipped for HMA and JPCP/RSC paving operations. We have the complete capabilities to quickly setup stationary onsite laboratory units for projects requiring the same. We provide onsite laboratory facilities to any project based on its unique requirements and circumstances.

Our full-service laboratory facilities are all AASHTO Accredited and certified by Caltrans. Our mobile laboratories are certified by Caltrans. Onsite project laboratories are certified by Caltrans or validated by US Army Corps, depending on the project requirement.

Construction inspection forms an integral part of quality assurance and quality control of a construction project. Sequoia provides wide ranging construction inspection solutions to its clients in ascertaining compliance of all construction activities with the Contract Documents.

Sequoia’s inspection staff consists of experienced and certified structures inspectors, roadway and civil inspectors, construction inspectors and special or deputy inspectors. We employ a strong veteran team of professionals with demonstrated industry excellence in all aspects of construction inspection. Sequoia’s inspectors are certified by ICC, AWS, ACI and PCI as well as various other jurisdictional agencies.

The inspection staff is well supported by the in-house materials engineers and technical professionals dedicated to assuring performance of field staff for sampling, testing and inspection requirements of the Contract Documents and applicable Codes. Each inspector emphasizes the importance of documentation, the value of traceability, and timely follow through to complete the task in fulfilling his or her responsibilities as a project inspector. All our field inspectors and testers carry company provided tablets and smart phones, enabling our reporting to be 100% digital.

Sequoia’s inspection and testing staff is comprised of members of the International Union of Operating Engineers – Local 12, which holds the jurisdiction over inspection and testing industry in Southern California. The signatory relationship with the Local 12 provides our clients with the added assurance that the services provided being in strict compliance with California prevailing wage requirements.

Sequoia offers an array of materials engineering service solutions to its clients. The materials engineering solutions are designed to address the client’s needs in achieving quality responsibilities and meeting the contract requirements from the global quality perspective. Sequoia team members hold expertise in various quality disciplines and offer its clients technical recommendations and direction in finding solutions across the board for quality issues.

Materials Engineering services include:

  • Structural Concrete Mix Designs
  • HMA / RHMA / WMA Paving Mix Designs
  • JPCP / LCB / JPCPRSC / LCBRS Paving Mix Designs
  • Failure Investigations / Analyses
  • Material Evaluations and Approvals
  • Quality Management Programs (QMP)
  • Quality Control Plans (QCP)
    • HMA & JPCP Paving
    • Welding
    • Precast Concrete
    • Rebar Splicing
  • Source Inspection Quality Management Plans (SIQMP)

Sequoia has delivered strategic quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) solutions to over $13 Billion worth of Alternate Delivery Method projects in the Southern California region. Sequoia has established itself as an industry leader in providing extensive QA/QC testing and inspection services to major alternate delivery method projects in the transportation sector. Recognizing the framework within which the QA/QC services are implemented in this delivery method, Sequoia has approached the challenges in controlling and assuring uncompromised quality without impacting the construction schedule in a dynamic environment. Sequoia has been highly successful in delivering QA/QC services for some of the largest and most significant Alternate Delivery Method projects constructed in Southern California:

  • LAX Automated People Mover (LAWA) – LINXS Constructors (Fluor/Flatiron/Dragados/Balfour Beatty)
  •  Mid Coast Transit Corridor (SANDAG) – MCTC (Skanska/Stacy & Witbeck)
  • SoFi Stadium (City of Inglewood) – Turner/Hunt
  • I-5 North Coast Corridor (Caltrans) – Flatiron/Skanska/Stacy & Witbeck
  • LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse (LAWA) – Turner/PCL
  • I-15 Express Lanes (RCTC) – Skanska/Ames
  • SR-91 Corridor (RCTC) – Atkinson/Walsh
  • I-15 Cajon Pass (Caltrans) – Coffman/Parsons
  • I-10 / I-605 Connector (Caltrans) – MCM/Dokken
  • I-805 North (Caltrans) – Skanska/Coffman
  • Mid-City / Exposition LRT (MTA) – Flatiron/Fluor/Parsons
  • Iconic Freeway Structure on I-210 (MTA) – Skanska/AECOM
  • HOT Express Lanes on I-10 and I-110 (MTA) – Atkinson/AECOM
  • SR-125 Toll Road (Caltrans) – Washington Group/Fluor