Project Description

The US-101 from Carpinteria to Santa Barbara is delivered through the CMGC method in multiple segments. The 10.9-mile-long section of the Highway 101 is being expanded to accommodate 2 HOV lanes in both north and south directions throughout multiple segments. The project includes widening the highway to six lanes in the Santa Barbara area to accommodate increased traffic patterns, which will be used as continuous HOV lanes part-time during peak commute hours. The project also includes replacing and widening numerous creek bridges and undercrossing structures, and pavement replacement and rehabilitation along the US-101 mainline and on and off ramps.

Our Role

Sequoia is providing QC inspection and testing to the CMGC, Granite Construction, for the structures as well as the roadway work. The QC scope includes subbase and base, LCB / JPCP / CRCP and HMA paving, structural concrete, welding and rebar splicing.