Services – Materials Engineering

Sequoia offers a wide array of materials engineering service solutions to its clients. The materials engineering solutions are designed to address the client’s needs in achieving their quality responsibilities and meeting the contract requirements from the global quality perspective. Sequoia team members hold expertise in various quality disciplines and offer its clients technical recommendations and direction in finding solutions to corresponding quality issues.

Materials Engineering services provided include development of:

  • Quality Management Programs (QMP)
  • Quality Control Plans (QCP)
    • HMA & JPCP Paving
    • Welding (WQCP)
    • Rebar Splicing
  • Structural Concrete Mix Designs
  • HMA / RHMA / WMA Paving Mix Designs
  • JPCP / RSC / LCB Paving Mix Designs
  • Source Inspection Quality Management Plans (SIQMP)
  • Failure Investigations / Analyses
  • Materials Evaluation