Project Description

The Iconic Freeway Structure, a 584-linear-foot light rail bridge traversing the eastbound lanes of the I-210 Freeway between Baldwin and Santa Anita Avenues, allows connection between the existing Sierra Madre Villa Station and the future Arcadia Station. The I-210 Bridge is a dual track light rail bridge that spans 584 feet across the eastbound lanes of the I-210 Freeway. It was constructed of steel reinforced concrete using (1) falsework to support the bridge span across the freeway and (2) formwork which acts as a mold to help shape the concrete. The formwork required specialized assembly to ensure the artistic design elements envisioned by artist Andrew Leicester, the project’s concept advisor, are maintained. The lowest part of the bridge is 17 feet above the I-210 Freeway, easily allowing the tallest of trucks to pass. Additionally, the structure was designed to meet any future widening needs for the freeway. A key element of the design was the use of supporting columns to represent the respected basket-making tradition of the local Native American settlers of the region.

Our Role

Comprehensive quality assurance materials testing services as a member of the design-build team, Skanska USA. The scope included field and laboratory sampling and testing of all structure and civil materials.