Project Description

The Exposition Light Rail Transit Line (Expo Line) travels along the Exposition railroad right-of-way between downtown Los Angeles and Culver City. It shares a track and two stations (7th St/Metro Center and Pico) with the Metro Blue Line as it leaves downtown Los Angeles. It then travels along the Exposition right-of-way to the newly approved and funded aerial station at Venice/Robertson. Nine new stations were constructed along the Expo Line route. In addition to the station at Venice/Robertson, the new stations are located on Flower at 23rd Street and Jefferson, and on Exposition Boulevard at USC/Expo Park, Vermont, Western, Crenshaw, La Brea, and La Cienega. The Expo Line is approximately 8.6 miles in length and parallels the heavily congested I-10 freeway. Estimated travel time from downtown Los Angeles to Culver City is under 30 minutes with an hourly projected ridership of 27,000 by 2020. The Expo Line project is considered a “Transit Parkway” that will be enhanced by bike and pedestrian paths, as well as trees and landscaping along the alignment.

Our Role

Comprehensive quality control services as part of the design-build team, Flatiron / Fluor / Parsons, JV. The scope included civil and structure inspection, source inspection for fabrication of steel structures, special inspection for stations, track inspection; field and laboratory sampling and testing of all civil and structures materials.