Project Description

Scattergood Generating Station is a 55-acre facility adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in Playa Del Rey primarily serving the Westside of Los Angeles. The existing three units at the plant are conventional steam turbine generators that burn natural gas in boiler units to produce steam and have a total gross capacity of 830 MW. Units 1 and 2 were built in the 1950s and Unit 3 began operation in 1974. It has the largest output of 460 megawatts. The Scattergood Generating Station Repowering Project will replace the existing Unit 3 with a highly efficient combined cycle (natural gas and steam) turbine and two simple-cycle turbines. Both the combined-cycle and the simple-cycle turbines have fast start and ramp-up capabilities for short-term increases in electrical demand and for more flexible integration of renewable energy.

Our Role

Comprehensive quality control services for the General Contractor, Kiewit. The scope includes Special Inspection service for all structural all structural disciplines, field and laboratory sampling and testing for all materials.