Project Description

The LAX West Aircraft Maintenance Area Project consists of 84 acres in the southwestern portion of the airfield and develops approximately 68 acres of the 84 acres with taxiways and aircraft parking apron areas, maintenance hangars, employee parking, service roads, and ancillary facilities (i.e., related storage, equipment and facilities). The Project accommodates up to 10 Airplane Design Group (ADG) VI aircraft, such as the Airbus A380, or a mix of smaller aircraft on the site. The Project does not increase passenger or gate capacity or flights and/or aircraft operations at LAX, but does consolidate, relocate, and modernize some existing maintenance facilities and activities.

Our Role

Comprehensive quality control services for the Contractor, Griffith / Coffman, JV. The quality control scope included the development of Quality Control Plan and all inspection and testing services for the 84-acre earthwork operation as well as civil, electrical and taxiway / apron paving activities for the entire site.