Project Description

The Riverside County Transportation Commission, in partnership with Caltrans, is widening a 4.5-mile section of State Route 60 in the “Badlands” between Gilman Springs Road and 1.4 miles west of Jack Rabbit Trail. The project lies within mountainous terrain with a curving alignment and steep grades. The project will improve safety and efficiency and reduce traffic congestion. The project is constructing an eastbound truck climbing lane, a westbound truck descending lane, widen the inside and outside shoulders to standard widths, flatten roadway curves and establish two wildlife crossings and wildlife fencing. The project will upgrade the existing asphalt concrete pavement with Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement.

Our Role

Sequoia Consultants is providing Quality Control inspection and testing services for 87,690 cy of Aggregate Base, 47,300 cy of LCB and 108,000 cy of JPCP pavement and miscellaneous earthwork.